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Is your office environment making you and your employees sick? If you, your family or your employees are getting sick regularly then you are at a huge risk. Small businesses can be impacted highly due to limited of manpower. You will feel bad when you came to know the reason for people getting sick is due to the unhealthy environment in your office. This needs your instant action. Clean and healthy areas keep your employees happy to work freely. We are professional commercial cleaning company in wellington. Our team is expert enough to provide you the best cleaning services.

Reasons for hiring expert cleaners

To keep ourselves and our family healthy, our house and office should be neat and clean. Sanitized Facility area, doors, windows and bathrooms are a must. Offices are busy places and everyone needs a clean, fresh, shiny and well-organized place. Cleaning companies have the skills and expertise to make your place clean, shiny and spotless. When someone enters your house or office they should observe a clean, fresh and shiny place.

Is your Commercial cleaning company saving your time?

In today’s busy schedule we don’t have much time to properly clean the house and also we can’t always hire manpower for office cleaning. We need to have expert cleaners to make our office and house space clean and shiny. This will save our time and we can do other vital work or can spend more time with family and friends. Service Solutions keeps you free from worries and gives you excellent results in cleaning your house and commercial areas.

Why Service Solutions?

Around the clock support

To better hold you, we offer around the clock service and tailored commercial cleaning services in Wellington. Our packages won’t disrupt your daily work and organized areas. Commercial cleaning companies have the experience and skills to properly clean your office spaces, making them shiny and clean. Hiring experts to clean your Office and Commercial properties is always a good idea. Make sure to choose the best company for your commercial cleaning services.

Know Your Business Needs

Examples of the skills they use to keep your business clean are dusting, office cleaning and sanitizing. Keep in mind; our team of commercial cleaning services in Wellington knows what your business needs to ensure a healthy and clean work environment. Perhaps one of the top reasons why your business should have a cleaning service is to keep your employees motivated and their morale high if they work in clean and sanitize area, and makes the person happy to work on a clean area. We offer various services to make it a clean and healthy area and make the office hygiene.

Your Health and Safety

Your health and safety is our first priority hence we use eco friendly cleaning products only. We take care of your house holds and clean them carefully.

Trained and Expert Cleaners

The team we have is well trained and qualified. We keep on updating our staff on new products and their use. We do the timely audit to make sure they are doing their job in a correct manner.


Your security is very vital to us. We only hire our team member after getting the background and Police checks. Service Solutions holds a Public Liability Insurance cover of $20 million.

Quality Service

We provides quality services because a happy customer always creates good business. We are reliable, consistent and available around the clock to give you the support. Our team of commercial cleaning services Wellington is an expert in providing quality services.

Insurance and Cover

Commercial cleaning involves all deep cleaning of total premises. These premises may be a factory, any other manufacturing or assembling unit, a corporate office, restaurant, hotel, or public place or any other. This may involve dealing with equipment and furniture that may be fragile or subject to damage while taking on cleaning.

Although the chances are unlikely when experts do the job, yet cleaners must provide a cover or indemnity bond to their clients in case any such damage occurs.

Our Prices for commercial cleaning

One of the key aspects is the cost of the service. Assess return on investment in outsourcing cleaning. Check the packages commercial cleaners are willing to offer. Compare prices of different cleaners.

Commercial Cleaning Services :-

We clean all, from basic hygienic to complete office cleaning.

Professional cleaning of Restaurant and Retail shops with complete security of your goods.

Professional cleaning of Schools and Kindergarten. we are available for daily, weekly or after work cleaning.

We have the experience and capacity to clean Hospital and Clinics.

We are expert cleaners to clean the Gym and Fitness centers. Our availability of On-Demand, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or after work.

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