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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

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Carpet Cleaners Tauranga

We invest so much on carpet flooring in our home and offices, and to save that investment regular and professional cleaning and maintenance of carpet is required. Expert carpet cleaning makes it new and shiny. So the decision of choosing carpet cleaners Tauranga, Wellington, and Bay of Plenty should be taken very carefully. You need to choose a company which is professional, have experience and having quality cleaning products.

Why expert carpet cleaning is important?

An expert Carpet cleaning is very vital to make the homes or offices area clean, healthy and dust free. It is also required to improve the life of the carpet.  One should do carpet cleaning once every quarter. An unclean carpet invites dust and bacteria. It is, therefore, a suggestion to hire expert carpet cleaners to remove the deep stains, dust, dirt, allergens, bacteria, pet, and human hair etc. from your carpets.  Experts know how to remove harder stains which can’t be remove by normal house cleaning.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Increase Carpet life

Regular cleaning increases the life of your carpet and keeps it new.

Keeps the Environment Healthy and Dust Free

Cleaning done by professional carpet cleaners make it dust free and remove all stains. A clean carpet keeps the environment healthy by removing bacteria, stain, allergens etc.

Money Saving

Regular carpet cleaning increases the life of your carpet and keeps it new for a long time. So no need to buy a new carpet for your home or office every year. Cleaning a carpet cost you less as compare to purchasing a new one every year, this saves your money.


Find the best and professional carpet cleaners Tauranga?

Finding professional and best carpet cleaners Tauranga is a very important task and needs to be done very seriously and carefully. Do not only look for cheap prices but more important is to look for quality of services and best equipments. Look for the reputation of the company and reliability. To increase the life of your carpet and make is dust free choose the best one, not the cheap one.

Why Services Solutions for Carpet Cleaning

We have been providing carpet cleaning services in Tauranga, Wellington and Bay of Plenty for last so many years. Our carpet cleaning services are not only limited to residential are but also commercial properties.


We use Best Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Our carpet cleaners use the best techniques to clean the carpet properly and make you feel like fresh and clean.

  • Steam cleaning
  • Shampooing
  • Dry cleaning

All the methods are designed as per the need to an individual or company.

Professional Carpet Cleaners

Service Solutions are professional carpet cleaning company in Tauranga, Wellington, and Bay of Plenty. We provide cleaning services for both house and Commercial properties. We are also expert in House cleaning, Commercial Cleaning and Move out Cleaning Services. Our services include cleaning checklist, deep cleaning, and move in cleaning, move out clean, Commercial Cleaning, Office Cleaning, and spring cleaning. We have a team of expert carpet cleaners Tauranga, Wellington and Bay of Plenty. Our team is well trained and highly experience. We offer our clients quality of services and 100% service quality guarantee.

Competitive Prices

 Our prices are less affordable as compared to other carpet cleaning companies in Tauranga, Wellington, and Bay of Plenty. 

Around the Clock Services

Our Carpet Cleaners are available around the clock to provide you the services so that you can do your other work or can enjoy your weekend.

Experience and Expertise

Since we are in business for last so many years and our team is highly skilled, so we do all our jobs very professionally. We believe in long term business relations.

Carpet Cleaners Tauranga Price

Our standard 3 stage clean (vacuum, pre-spray and steam extraction) will leave your carpets looking and smelling great. Price starts from $27.

Upholstery Cleaning Tauranga

Vehicles and luxury goods at a price and it is recommended to make sure that your investments are worthwhile. We can help you keep your carpet and upholstery beautiful by using our specialized cleaning method for hot water extraction (steam cleaning).

Please call us today on 022 394 2370 and (0800) 942-370 and book us for your Carpet Cleaning Services. One of our engineers will assists you with all the required details.